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Please note that my practice is temporarily closed. I am taking time off in order to develop new treatment plans. During my off time, I am unable to schedule any appointments. You are welcome to request information on the new treatment plans by e-mail. I will be happy to update you in early 2023.

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead are tiny things compared to what lies within us."

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Nowadays, we face many challenges, and, at times, we feel at their mercy. On top of this, we also experience personal life changes.


Whether in your private life or at work, in a social setting or by yourself – these life changes require adaptation and confrontation, which can be overwhelming. This can quickly lead to you feeling lost. Emotions such as fear, grief and anger, or physical symptoms such as nervousness or tension, or even illness, underlying dissatisfaction and addictions can often result.


Then there are periods in life when you feel inundated and you don't see a way out. It may even feel as if you are stuck and helpless.

Does one of these problems apply to you? Or perhaps you have different concerns or topics that bother you?


It can help to discuss these issues and challenges with someone in a safe and secure setting. You are welcome to contact me. Your well-being is very important to me. Together, we can discover the right path for you. I can provide you with expert knowledge and a variety of counselling methods, so that you can choose the one that best suits you.


I look forward to helping you on your way to healing and better well-being.



The treatments I offer explore body, mind and soul in a holistic way, and can be as colourful and diverse as people are. Every person has their own life story and path.

My sessions are built upon Carl Rogers talk therapy. Nutrition, sport, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and cosmogetic healing (Jana Haas) complement the therapies, advice and coaching.

We are complex beings, and there is not only one therapy, concept or solution. Together, we can address your personal concerns and needs, and I will strive to provide you with the best support possible.

I can work with you on all the situations that are challenging for you, such as public encounters or personal relationships, and come directly to you, to the place in which you feel challenged. That way, for example, fears and hindrance can be permanently overcome.

I generally offer a choice as to whether the sessions should take place in the practice room or in nature (e.g., walk to talk: conversations while walking).

The costs are covered by basic insurance. A prescription of a doctor is needed. Please clarify this with your family doctor. I am also accepted by supplementary insurance company.

Please note that my practice is temporarily closed. I am taking time off in order to develop new treatment plans. During my off time, I am unable to schedule any appointments. You are welcome to request information on the new treatment plans by e-mail. I will be happy to update you in early 2023.

Offers at a glance

  • Psychotherapy of all clinical pictures for adults

  • crisis intervention

  • Individual and pair talks

  • coaching

  • Nutritional advice based on ETH findings and Anthony William with psychological support

  • movement coaching

  • Walk to Talk (conversations while walking in nature)

  • meditation and mindfulness

  • Inner Child Work

  • personal development

  • work-life balance

  • Cosmogetic Healing


I have set up my own business so that I can offer you individual support within a protected framework, (almost) free of structure and system. We discuss your issues and tackle them together. Regardless of whether you are looking for advice, want to develop yourself or need professional support to overcome a traumatic experience – your well-being is my top priority. I strive to keep my vantage point holistic and broad at all times and I provide you with all my knowledge. I will leave no stone unturned in my attempt to support and accompany you in the best possible way.

Therapy is a process of growth, personal development and self-awareness.

During an initial consultation, I listen to you individually or as a couple, and we discuss together what the best type of therapy is for you.



The sessions help clients develop a positive attitude to the most complex and difficult of living conditions.



Irina Simonett

Eidg. anerkannte Psychotherapeutin, FSP

Seestrasse 110, 8802 Kilchberg

077 512 19 64

Customer parking space available

3 minutes’ walk from Kilchberg train station

6 minutes’ walk from the Paradiesstrasse bus stop

Thank you for your enquiry! I will contact you as soon as possible.

Dandelion Parachute Seed


Do you feel exhausted, lacking energy, depressed, and nothing seems to lift your mood? Perhaps you are also concerned or unsure about the future of a relationship or social situation? Are you in a professional crisis or just feel that you are not living the life that is meant for you? Are you facing a specific problem, recurring patterns or conflicts and do not know what to do next? You wish to have a partnership, you have been looking for a long time and you don't know what you can do? Are you suffering from an unexplained illness or lots of somatic complaints and don't know what to do next? Whatever your needs are, I would like to offer you my help. In the sessions, I go into your individual issues. We look together to find out which type of support (coaching, classic conversation therapy, nutritional advice, etc.) is right for you and engage with it. I accompany and support you in your process in order to create a more harmonious life for you. We can discuss your concerns in an initial consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Two Dried Leaves


Couple relationships often bring challenges. In the couple therapy sessions, we discuss your problems and issues and focus on finding coherent solutions. I help you to get to know yourselves and to develop better, both individually and as a couple. We look at the situation(s) together, and I provide you with the space and the means to overcome the obstacles. I am confident that my individualised couple therapy will be beneficial and inspiring for you. Get in touch to arrange a first appointment.



In addition to individual and couple therapies, I offer group courses in the areas of meditation and mindfulness, as well as discussion evenings on specific topics, and group activities both indoors and outdoors. If you are interested, please have a look at my offers and current news. It would be great to have you involved!

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